If you want to experience some of the wide-ranging and life changing effects of working with me as a natural health practitioner and experienced by some of my clients below, then please do send me a message so we can arrange a quick chat, or check out details of my programs under the services page on this site.

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I had a nonspecific feeling of not being ok. I was working too hard as a doctor and all the physical and emotional rigour that entails was taking it's toll. And I have young children so home life was a mixture of joy and exhaustion. I felt run down and unsettled. A churned up feeling of low level anxiety that something was wrong or was about to go wrong. At the same time my cheeks were flushed and painful and I had developed some rosacea blemishes on my cheeks. My consultation with Juliana was thorough and focussed. She is clearly extremely knowledgable and an astute practitioner. Juliana recognised signs of gut dysbiosis and over activity of the sympathetic nervous system. She made me up a bespoke tincture based on my symptoms and I had my first dose before I'd even left the consultation. How do I feel now. In a word amazing. In more words energetic, positive, full of life again. I'm working harder than ever but it energises rather than depletes me. People constantly say 'I don't know how you do it' and the answer is Juliana O'Boyle - go and see her! My skin is glowing. That is a word that so many people have used about my revived appearance. I feel settled, peaceful and have a feeling that the future holds great things. Thank you Juliana. You are compassionate and gifted and you have made me well again.

Dr. SG, Central London


Juliana is a fantastic herbalist. She has totally transformed my daughter's sleep with a tailor-made blend of herbs. My daughter suffered with horrific night terrors and night time waking but after the herbs she now sleeps peacefully with no nightmares through to 7am. This was something that we never thought would happen. Juliana really listens and takes the time to explain the herbs she is using. I cannot recommend her highly enough and she has really changed our lives! 

SC, W5.


Juliana is a skilled practitioner with an encyclopaedic knowledge of herbs! Everything she recommends does wonders and I have never felt better!

                                                -MN, London


Your new herbs are really brilliant. The night time hot flashes have reduced. And when I leave the house I feel more relaxed and my stomach says thank you. 

UP, Middlesex


I have been ordering what is known in my family as 'magic mix' for my daughter, now 14, for about 5 years. It has definitely helped with her memory issues and learning needs. As she matured, she started having terrible pain and heavy periods and I discussed this all with Juliana who was so lovely and understanding and knew exactly what to tweak her mix with. The difference in her was incredible! Mood swings, flow, and pain noticeably changed within two cycles and now my daughter asks me for the mix! I have no doubt this has made a huge difference to her. Thanks J!

CR, W5


I can't believe how different I feel in just a week of starting your program! I actually feel happy and my family and friends can't believe the difference in me. In just a week of taking my herbs I have been able to start walking with friends again, something I haven't had the energy to do in a long time. I am now truly optimistic that my life is going to change and I can get myself back again. Thank-you so much Juliana. 

NP, West London