Children's Health

Does your child suffer with...

  • Digestive problems – bloating, reflux, constipation, loose stools, tummy aches?

  • Find it difficult to concentration or focus? Struggle at school?

  • Have poor immunity, repeated infections, regular use of antibiotics?

  • Have low energy?

  • Poor quality sleep or insomnia?

  • Anxiety?

  • Stress?

  • Or skin issues such as eczema?


Newborn Baby

​This current generation of children are facing a rising number of health problems and are using an unprecedented number of prescribed medications.


Suboptimal gut function is linked to all the conditions above. A child’s microbiome needs to be nurtured. Making sure their microbiome is healthy now will reap a wealth of benefits and might just help safeguard their future health and wellbeing.


In addition, good nutrition is vital for a healthy brain. Without the essential nutrients it is unable to produce neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that are necessary for brain function.


We all want the best for our children and to help them reach their maximum potential – whether that is physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.


But it’s also worth remembering that the research is clear – providing children’s bodies and brain with enough of the right nutrients can have a profound effect on their development, growth as well as how they think and feel.


As a nutrition professional I can advise on the latest research around certain nutrients and the effect optimal amounts or deficiencies can have on your child’s health. Herbal medicine can also help to balance the system in a gentle, non-invasive way.


Give your child’s brain a boost by including key foods to help improve their concentration, learning and mental energy.


I help families improve their energy and learning ability through addressing imbalances so they can fulfil their potential and live their best life.


Take control of your child’s health, help them be their best selves naturally, and improve your own wellbeing in the process.


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NEW! Mum and Baby Wellness Package

Being a new mum is overwhelming, one moment you’re on an emotional high, the next you’re so exhausted you can hardly think. Your hormones are everywhere, energy is non-existent and the worry and responsibility seems to consume you. You’re trying to make the best possible health choices for yourself and your family, to get your mojo back but everything seems hard.


At the same time, trying to ensure the absolute best health of your little one should start as early as possible; we are now raising our kids in an increasingly processed world with chronic illness on the rise. 


The good news is we can do so much to set our little ones up for a lifetime of wellness (fewer illnesses, stomach bugs, allergies and even improved brain health), by taking care of their gut and microbiome from the start.


Choose the support of an experienced mother, herbalist, nutritionist and naturopathic practitioner with a plethora of tools at her disposal to help advise on both your individual needs, and make the best possible first choices. 

My new mum and baby post-natal package including advice and support with:

  • Mum’s physical and mental health, including chronic issues such as low energy, thyroid and hormone imbalance, digestive problems or emotional challenges such as anxiety or low mood.

  • Optimising breast or formula feeding.

  • Guidance to help baby thrive, prevent common childhood illnesses and reach their best potential. 

  • Supplement suggestions (if needed).

  • Bespoke and personalised herbal medicine

  • Tailored and convenient suggestions for snacks, meals and recipes with even shopping lists included to make life that little bit easier!

  • Cost £330 over two months (including herbs).


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