Herbs Offer Lifelong Support

Humans have used plants as medicine for as long as they have existed. In essence, our experiments with plants to help us heal have meant we have been involved for thousands of years in a vast clinical trial with hundreds of medicinal plants. With this experience comes the resulting wealth of evidence to show us their gentle uses and benefits.

We also have an intuitive and often spiritual connection with plants that enable sensitive individuals to tune into their healing potential. The right herb for the right person at the right time can indeed be a powerful thing to behold.

On a day to day basis, herbs are not only supportive for life ailments but also enable preventative self care against long term disease. If you are managing a chronic condition herbs can be incredibly supportive. Their healing qualities are useful for all stages of the life cycle from pre-conception and birth through to our twilight years. My experience and observations are that life is whole lot harder without them!

We can use herbs as an expression of a woman’s journey in particular, choosing each part appropriately for its clinical properties, but also it’s energetic and spiritual value. To nourish, heal and support that particular phase of life.

Young children benefit from feeling settled, their digestive issues eased and immunity enhanced. Trips to the GP lessened. We may use herbs to soothe and support their recovery from infectious disease and illness or in times of feeling troubled. Developmental issues, brain health and learning potential can be effectively supported whilst teens benefit from the balance they can bring for hormone and mental health.

In later years, herbs may promote robust health, resilience and where appropriate fertility; nutrient rich herbs providing a solid pre conceptual grounding. If motherhood presents, the rejuvenating properties of herbs come into their own with an abundance of beautiful choices to promote breastfeeding, sustained energy and a sense of wellbeing in a time where overwhelm can often preside.

Once childbearing years are complete, they are invaluable for the transition into menopause helping women to make the most of these years; to come into their own. If and when life becomes quieter, these herbs can support wisdom, spiritual guidance and inward connection.

By learning more about the plant medicine readily available around us or by seeking advice from a registered herbalist for specialist bespoke advice, we can achieve not only continual healing through herbs but good health and vitality as well. Reach out if you need information on what might work for you.

With love,

Juliana 🍄🌱🌹

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