How can herbal medicine help you meet your goals this year?

As we change from this holiday season into January, it is the perfect time to take a few days to simplify, clear, and make way to set the tone of the new year. Though for most of us this period and indeed the year has been unsettling, we can still make space for new intentions, or look at ways we might cultivate healthy habits that support our body, minds and spirits too. Symbolically, we may gravitate towards the idea of ‘detoxing’, ‘cleansing’ or ‘decluttering’ after the excesses of the holiday period and the enforced hibernation, but this idea has long been incorporated into many traditional cultures, and is not just a response to an increasingly toxic world.

It is true that we have never been exposed to so much stress, both mentally right now for many and also physically through our environmental. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, artificial hormones and food ingredients. They exist in our air, water, household products, medications, cosmetics and more. These are leading to all sorts of health problems, if not yet full blown disease, then the symptoms that niggle and downgrade our resilience - fatigue, allergies, joint pain, low immunity, brain fog, skin issues, concentration, tummy pain, bloating…

We need help we can incorporate every day!

Everyday herbal medicine in the home is an ideal way to aid the natural, everyday detoxification mechanisms. Modern science reveals that the herbs freely available to us have an affinity for clearing and renewal, supporting natural and vital body detoxification function and giving our minds the clarity they need to forge the best path forward into 2021. Gentle herbs such as chamomile, nettle, dandelion, oats, hawthorn, turmeric, artichoke, red clover, burdock, milk thistle (the list could go on and on!) nurture the natural function of our organs rather than harsh detoxes which may harm and deplete. Instead of feeling the need for a daunting purge, why not start incorporating some settling and grounding daily habits into your lifestyle and for your family to start the new year fresh, invigorated and supported.

Allow your creativity to flourish - teas, infusions, cooking, baths, creams, in cold drinks… I have so many ideas and ways to use them in the home and to ensure children like them too. Make herbs and their medical qualities part of your everyday life this year; your body - and mind - will thank you.

For advice on herbal medicine and how it might help you personally with your own goals contact me - Juliana, through

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