Never Well Since

Recently, I had a client who had severe gut issues. Upon further investigation, she said that these had first started after a relationship coming to an end badly in her twenties, and with no closure. The person had just disappeared from her life despite what she considered a deep love. Her tummy troubles had started at this point 15 years before and had never resolved despite trying many sorts of therapies.

In functional and naturopathic medicine, we often use a timeline in our consultation. This tool enables the patient to detail their history and for myself to plot it chronologically, often revealing previously unseen relationships between various factors. If you can use a timeline to place things in a patient’s story and see how things developed over their timeline, over their life, not only do you have a better sense of how things were set up for what is now being manifested in a patient, but it empowers the person to then see how events and things in their life actually ended them up in the condition where they are now.

Many times, people may not be well after they have had some kind of physical trauma or emotional loss or upset. Specifically, physical traumas are anything that has happened to the body, or changes to the body, such as: a surgery, a fall, a high fever, a course(s) of antibiotics, an infection, a pregnancy, a miscarriage, the flu, vaccinations, puberty, and menopause.

An emotional trauma could be a loss of a loved one, a big disappointment, a divorce, a geographical move, a loss of a job, mistreatment and sexual abuse. There may be other types of traumas that I have not mentioned.

Never well since means that the person has not been well since that particular trauma occurred. The person may have felt that they have dealt with the trauma, and that was no longer an issue or concern for them, but they may have developed a particular physical, emotional or mental symptom or a health condition after this. Now this is their main concern, and they are not feeling well.

As well as digestive issues, some of these health concerns could be prolonged headaches, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, difficulty breathing, problem skin, eczema, hair loss, chronic fatigue, insomnia or other sleep disturbances, nightmares, phobias, fears, just not feeling well, and more.

Holistic therapies practiced by myself look at the whole person, knowing that all the parts are connected. I use both mind and body techniques to address emotions that may or may not be driving the current physical symptoms. This might include herbal medicine, Bach flower remedies, meditations, visualisations, affirmations, food and spirit techniques.

By changing the negative thought patterns that have developed, tightening up boundaries, working on destructive patterns of behaviour that may have developed, we can often see a faster resolution in current physical symptoms and the ‘never well since’ is no longer an issue.

Do you have a physical symptom that started after a traumatic event? Have you considered the connection?

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