SOS Consult

I am delighted to introduce you to my new virtual clinic where you can ask me about any current health concern you may be experiencing - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. These short, stand alone consultations will enable you to understand what can be done naturopathically to not only ease your current symptoms but also start to unravel the root cause of your symptoms. They can even be squeezed into a lunch break!


What to Expect

During your 30 minute consultation with me I will draw on my skills as a naturopathic and herbal medicine practitioner to identify the root cause of the issue you are experiencing and offer a simple treatment plan to help. You will also be prescribed 2 weeks of bespoke herbal medicine personalised to you which will be received within a few days by post. 


I will ask you to complete a brief health questionnaire (this is shorter than for the programs I offer) so that I can review your notes before the session begins - that way we can make the most of every minute during our time together. 


I look forward to helping you move forward. 


Note: forcomplex or chronic conditions please see my options and programs below for more detailed support and coaching. SOS consultations suit short term or acute, single problems.  If you decide you need further support following the session, the cost of this consultation will be offset against the cost of a program. 


Cost: £129 including herbal medicine. 

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