Juliana O'Boyle MSc.


Naturopath, Herbalist,

NLP Coach,

Dietary Counsellor.

MSc. Personalised Nutrition

BSc. Environmental Sciences

A practitioner who truly understands

I’m Juliana, owner of Herbology. I understand gut issues. Having personal experience of the misery they can cause I undertook as much training as possible to help resolve these issues, educate myself and feel great. Now I want to share that with you.


Choose the support of a fully qualified integrative natural health professional, a registered Herbalist, Naturopath and Health Coach with an MSc. in Personalised Nutrition. I can help you uncover exactly what is going on in your gut, impacting your whole body and wellbeing, and advise you on the most effective and manageable personalised diet and lifestyle hacks, to take back control.


Book a free health transformation call to find out how.

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